GUCCI Lace White Jogging Lounge Track Pants Details:

Iconic runway design

Color: ivory white


GUCCI Lace White Jogging Lounge Track Pants Features:

– signature floral lace;


– iconic Gucci green-red stripe;

Made in Italy



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About Gucci Fashion House:

Gucci Fashion House is an Italian luxury brand, founded in 1921 in Florence by Guccio Gucci, who opened a small store and sold foreign leather goods. Later he hired several artisans to work with small leather goods and eventually his business required new workshop to fit more than 50 workers. And so it began… In 1937 Gucci started manufacturing handbags. During WWII period GG monogram was introduced together with iconic green and red stripes. During years Gucci opened its stores in London, Paris, Palm Beach and grew its business to a global scale, becoming a fashion icon.

1950-th became a golden era for Gucci, when celebrities started wearing Gucci bags in public, making brand desired for everyone. Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly were all spotted with Gucci handbags. Bamboo handle, Floral scarf and GG logo became iconic elements of Gucci design. Gucci Flora, a floral design with 43 different flowers in 37 colors, was designed for princess of Monaco and since then its variations are essential part of many Gucci collections. Famous Gucci horsebit logo was also created in this period and become a recognizable element of Gucci design.

In the 90-s Tom Ford arrived as a head designer and brought sexy looks with high stiletto heels, slip dresses. New looks brought Gucci to the whole new level, and brand became even more desirable. His bold campaigns brought new attention to the company and refreshed the whole company image.

Current Gucci era started in 2015 when Alessandro Michele took over design and brought new aesthetics to the company image. Completely new looks, bright colors, fancy sneakers, sequins, rich embellishments skyrocketed Gucci to exciting and fascinating brand we all know now. More accessories like belts with fancy GG buckles and shoes with fur and bee decor were added to portfolio, so younger generation could afford them, compared to more expensive coats that cost thousands of dollars.

Gucci has many iconic items which were brought to life in different time. Among them are Gucci Dionysus bag, GG Marmont bag, Gucci Sylvie tote. The most iconic brands modern shoes are Gucci Ace sneakers and Gucci Princetown sneakers.  Also Gucci loafers, Gucci fanny pack wallet and even Gucci hat became symbols of a brand. Designed with snake, moth, chinoiserie lion, gucissima print and other iconic Gucci elements these items are among the most popular among customers, and most seen on millenials and fashionista’s Instagram posts. Bright floral Gucci coats, embellished Gucci skirts, fancy Gucci pants have became a part of a modern look on the streets from Tokyo to New York. By the way, millenials are responsible for half of brand’s sales.

Interesting to know that tv campaign of Gucci fragrances was directed by David Lynch.

Another fact is that iconic bamboo handle was introduced in postwar period when when leather was lacking and designers had to experiment and look for other materials to replace leather.

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