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Spot Fake vs Real Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sneakers. Exclusive Details, You Never Knew.

There are many Balenciaga sneakers authenticity guides on the web, but some things, we will tell you, you will not find elsewhere.

Balenciaga has created a powerful trend on sneakers market couple years ago with Balenciaga Triple-s sneakers. Since then, many other premium brands jumped in with similar designed sneakers, with exaggeratedly massive soles and distressed details, including Gucci Flashtrek, Burberry Arthur and Dolce & Gabbana Super King and Super Queen sneakers. But besides high-end brands, market got filled with cheap Balenciaga sneakers – fake ones. And this article is here to explain you how to spot fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer sneakers for men and women.

We will compare authentic Balenciaga Speed glitter trainer sneakers with a very high-quality replica of Balenciaga Speed Clear sole sneakers. For reference will use a pair of authentic Speed trainers in red.

If you found a pair of Balenciagas online below outlet price, there are 2 main things you should keep in mind:

  1. If someone can sell a pair of real Designer sneakers for a lot of money, why would they sell them cheap? Low price = bad sign of authenticity.
  2. Photos you see online on suspicious websites do not necessary show the exact item you will get. If they don’t care about intellectual property, replicators could have just downloaded the photos of real Balenciaga sneakers from Instagram, Pinterest, or even

So, keep your eyes open and keep reading.

Authenticate your Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sneaker

Fake vs Real Balenciaga Speed trainers authenticity guide:

1.The best of the best way to tell if the Balenciaga shoes are real is to compare the photos of the sneakers you want to buy, with the photos of guaranteed authentic Balenciaga sneakers. That’s why here on we will provide you a lot of detailed photos of real Balenciaga shoes we sell.

Best Balenciaga sneakers authenticity guide
Authentic Balenciaga Speed trainers on the left and fakes on the right. Pay attention to dynamic incline of the rear pert of authentic ones.
Spot Fake vs Real Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sneakers. Side View
Spot Fake vs Real Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sneakers. Front View
Spot Fake vs Real Balenciaga Speed Glitter Trainer Sneakers. Top view

2. Balenciaga knitting. The most important detail of real Balenciaga Speed Trainers no-one will tell you about is knitting! Replicators learned to make soles almost as good as Balenciaga itself, but knitting quality and details is always unreachable for bad guys. So, knitting of authentic Balenciagas has directed sections, which turn slightly along the shape of the sock. These sections create triangles, separated by visible lines, but without any sewn-together seams. On the photos below you can see the direction of cable knitting, as well as the sections themselves. Replica Balenciaga Speed trainers most of the times are knitted as a single piece of fabrics, thus they will not keep the initial shape after short use. Some replicas are put together from 2 directed pieces with 1 visible line on the ankle. If you cannot clearly see knitted triangles, your sneakers are 100% fake. The only exception is glitter Balenciaga speed sneakers, where lines are hardly visible on photos because of the reflective texture.

Balenciaga sneakers authenticity guiide
Authentic Balenciaga sneakers feature “technical 3D knit”, which consists of many seamless triangular sections, that follow the shape of the foot
Balenciaga technical 3d knit on Speed sock sneakers
Balenciaga Technical 3D knit is the best way to tell if the sneakers are authentic

3. Balenciaga logo. Another extremely difficult detail for any replicator is logo. It is still very hard to copy all the details of the font, its width and height on different materials, that’s why most probably they have failed with some details of logo on fake Balenciaga sneakers they want to sell you. Compare the logo to photos of real Balenciaga sneakers on If you find uneven letters, thinner font or imperfect inclining – they are fake.

Balenciaga logo on red and glitter Speed Trainer sneakers
Logo of authentic Balenciaga Speed runners can be in a form of sticker…
Balenciaga logo on silver and gray Speed Trainer Sock sneakers
… or embroidered
Spot Fake vs Real Balenciaga Speed Metallic Trainer Sneakers - rear view
Logo of the fake Balenciaga shoes is uneven and differs from the real one on the right
Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sneakers sole
Real Balenciaga font is deep and crispy. Fake one is very thin

4. Balenciaga insoles is one more secret authenticity trick. Yes, materials can be very similar, same colors and even logo can be very alike, but there is a tiny, even primitive, zigzag cut that replicators don’t care about. They have to keep their costs low, that’s why they use old equipment, old knives and this results in small fails, which we are here to tell you about! Also, for some reason many of fake Balenciaga shoes we have seen, have “Balenciaga. Made in Italy” on the insoles. Real Balenciaga shoes have plain Balenciaga logo on the insole.

How to spot fake Balenciaga Speed runners
Real Balenciag insole has only Balenciaga logo on it. Fake one also has size – obvious sign of replica
How to authenticate real vs fake Balenciaga sneakers
Zigzag cut is a secret authenticator’s weapon. Precise cut is a sign of real Balenciaga sneakers.

5. Stiff heel support. In order to keep the sock standing and firmly holding the heel, and also to avoid stumbling, real Balenciaga speed runner sneakers have a stiff piece of fabrics glued around the heel inside the shoe. This requires very delicate craftsmanship to keep it strong, yet tidy. Replica Balenciaga sneakers usually have this area frowned.

6. Seams and connections. Have to be true, the quality of the seams, that connects sole and canvas in replicas can be almost perfect. Almost! Means that you have to look carefully and you will be able to spot small defects, revealing fake Balenciaga sneakers. Seam on the back of the fake shoes can also be very good. Here you have to look at the lining inside. Authentic Balenciaga Speed trainers have very even seams there, obviously industrial-made. Replica stitching there looks like hand-made, with each stitch looking different.

7. Balenciaga size tag. Authentic sneakers have thermal sticker size tag on the inner side of the fabrics near ankle. It has size shown in 4 sizing standards (UK, European, US and Japan sizes), “made in Italy” and Balenciaga website address. Fake ones have this tag either very not neatly glued, or just size shown on the insole.

Fake Balenciaga Speed trainer sneakers in beige
Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers are missing a size tag on the inner side of fabrics
Fake Balenciaga Speed Tariners sneakers for men
Size sticker outside is the proof that Balenciaga sneakers are not authentic. Also, the box should not be white

8. Miscellaneous Balenciaga details:

  • Authentic Balenciaga Speed trainers in glitter have extra layer of black fabrics inside the shoe to keep them soft. Fakes have just the scratchy metallic fabrics
  • Fake Balenciaga Speed clear sole sneakers’ “air bubble” has visible nipple inside. Also, the “bubble” is not integrated into the sole – if you lift it from the sides, you will see the gap between it and the sole itself.
  • Profile of authentic Balenciagas is very dynamic, with visible forward incline of the back part.

9. Balenciaga Box that comes with Speed sock trainers is a gray flap box, with black Balenciaga logo on top. Authentic Balenciaga box may have a convex glossy logo

Gary box with logo from real Balenciaga sneakers
A box from real Balenciaga sneakers is always gray, may have a logo like this

10. Real Balenciaga dust bag is cotton gray with black logo and black thick pull. White dust bag is a definite red flag.

Fake Balenciaga shoes box with dust bag
Replica Balenciagas are revealed by the white box, white dust bag and incorrect Balenciaga font on the paper wrap

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